Titan Series – The Ideal Top Hook Bait with Weedguard to come through the thick stuff!!

  • Length: 3”, 5″, 6″,


  • Weight: 1/2oz, 1oz, 2 3/4oz,
  • Lure Type: weighted
  • Depth Range: Mid water – Bottom
  • Action Type: Wobbling & Kicking
  • Hook: Tiny Titan – 2/0 Gamakatsu
  • Hook: 5″ -3/0, 6″ -5/0 Eagle Claw
  • Color Ring: 25 standard colors

The Tiny Titan may look small in appearance but the tight vibrating tail kick is equivalent to its bigger brothers. The Tiny Titan comes equipped with a 2/0 Gamakatsu hook that features a wire brush guard enabling the bait to be thrown into thicker cover. The down sized Titan is ideal when working around docks and tight structure and when the baitfish is in its earliest stages.

Titan Seriestitan-optimum-brush-guard
The Titan swimbaits feature a wider body profile enabling a front to back body roll and the capability of a faster retrieve speed. We kept the same trademarked Optimum knob tail so it properly displaces water and emitting the particular vibration as it swims through the water column. The 5” and 6” Titan is designed with an Eagle Claw weedless wireguard so these swimbaits can be fished in the thickest of cover without the fear of getting hung up!

Guide Randy Pringle of Northern California loves to slow roll the 6″ Titan just above the CA Delta`s grass.  From May to June you can average one of these beauties a day!