"Diamonds are no longer exclusively a girl’s best friend,” according to Optimum Bait Company CEO Matt Paino. “Diamonds are an angler’s best friend when they’re Optimum Bait Company’s DOUBLE DIAMOND SWIMMER.” unique design and outstanding performance are earmarks of this new swimbait from Optimum Bait Company, long known as a pioneer and innovator of swimbaits and other premium lures.

“This is a groundbreaking bait,” says Paino. “we’ve been working on it for over two years, and it’s our first exclusively cad (computer aided design) bait. For some time now, swimbait manufacturers have focused on appearance and there are some remarkably lifelike baits,” adds Paino. “But the DOUBLE DIAMOND SWIMMER's(patent pending) design is performance-driven.”

The Double Diamond Swimmer is Optimum Bait Companys first bait that we designed 100% using a CAD Machine. After several prototypes and hours on the water testing the Double Diamond master was perfected using the computer.

Intrigued by the action of a diamond-shaped iron jig and its fish- catching ability, Paino wondered how that concept would work in soft plastics. Instead of being one dimensional like a flat iron jig, Paino made it multi- dimensional. It not only has the diamond shape outline, but the body is diamond shaped as well. He threw in an extra large tail for good measure and the result, Paino modestly boasts, “is nothing less than spectacular.”

The bait has three distinct actions: it tracks in a tight, zig-zag pattern, it swims with its entire body quivering erractically, while churning water with a monsterous tail kick.

The body features a slot allowing it to be rigged weedless using a weighted (or not) worm hook, but it can also be rigged with a traditional bullet-type jighead. It attracts multiple species, and is easily fished in kelp or grass, on the surface or down deep. Bass, stripers, calicos and walleye are just a few of the species that have fallen victim to its tantalizing action. It has been tested and proven on three continents and the conclusion has been the same: “Optimum has hit the jackpot with its double diamond swimmer.”

The Double Diamond Produces MONSTER fish!!!

Tackle Suggestions for the Double Diamond Photo Jighead DD - Cutting the tip off to the premarked line allows you to fish the Double Diamond with a jighead style rig.

The Double Diamond features a slot so they can easily be fished with an offset hook. Either weighted or non.