The Basirisky tops the charts as far as innovation and function goes. This new generation top water soft crawling bait is designed with its back legs facing forward. As the bait is retrieved, the Basirisky crawls in a rocking motion across the surface leaving behind a huge ripple.? The legs also function in that they present a larger profile making it an easier target for lurking bass looking up through the vegetation. The Basirisky is equipped with a single Owner hook so that the hook is accessible from any angle the fish hits it from.? The designers have added a completely sealed off rear weight so that the soft crawler sits rear end down in the water and is perfectly balanced on the retrieve.? To ensure the anglers precious time on the water and to enhance the baits performance the hook has been glued in place and a stopper has been added so that the hook and wire system doesn't slide through fouling up the bait. Any angler who loves the thrill of top water fishing will have a new best friend after they experience the Basirisky from deps.

Watch live action film of the Basirisky!

The Basirisky 60 features a 4/0 single wide gap Owner frog hook while the 70 sports a 6/0. The single hook allows the bass to have a clean shot at the hook no matter what angle it hits from.

Its idea was born from the noisy "Crazy Crawler" style of top water plugs. The basirisky is the first of its kind to have legs facing forward so that it wobbles back n forth on the surface leaving behind a distinct gurgling sound.

The Basirisky is perfect to throw in the thickest of cover. WIth a straight retrieve it pulls over, hops and crawls as a natural creature would on the surface.

The 1/2 oz weight is fixed in the rear part of the basirisky. This is strategically placed for balance as it crawls and that it sits on a 70 degree angle.


Spending more time fishing and less time squeezing water out of the frog is possible with the Basirisky. The weight is sealed in place so water cannot penetrate the frog. To ensure excellent hook setting there is an air vent in the rear that allows air to compress out of the frog when a bass strikes.

Recommended Tackle
for BASIRISKY70@RodF7' Frog Rods @LineFMono 25lb`30lbEBraid 60lb`80lb
for BASIRISKY60@RodF6'6"- 7'@LineFMono 16lb`20lb Braid 50lb-65lb


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