If you haven`t experienced the thrill of throwing the Buzzjet yet, see for yourself the magic at workI

The buzzjetfs ability to attract fish from far distances is bar none.? At 4 inches long and at a weight of 1oz the plugfs voluminous round profile appeals as an easy meal to lurking predators.? The buzzjet, designed to be fished as a wake bait, has many unique features that sets it apart from the rest. The shape of the lip is constructed so the tip portion faces straight down, thus pushing greater amounts of water outwards around the bait creating a more distinct surface wake.? The weight transfer system features 4 stainless balls that are strategically placed in a chamber rolling both front to back and left to right. This provides for great casting ability, unique sounds, and also an irregular side to side action on the retrieve.? To create even more water splash and raucous on the water the designers added an original prop that rotates in an offset noisy manner. The buzzjetfs ability to catch fish was soon realized by the Japanese anglers and in 2004 was voted as Japanfs number 1 hard plug by Japanfs Lure Magazines readers.


Move lots of water!!
The Buzzjet features a one of a kind lip. It comes out of the body on a 45 degree angle but sharply turns to face straight down. This allows for the bait to push more water flow around the bait and thus creating a HUGE wake on the surface.


An unbalanced weight transfer system??
The weight transfer system moves both back to front on the cast and side to side on the retrieve. This makes for great castability and also a wide erratic wobble and roll.

Jerking the rod tip down sharply will cause the bait to dive about 6" and slow float back to the surface. As it pulls down the back prop makes a loud obnoxious sound.

The purpose behind the prop.
Decide for yourself what exactly the prop adds to the Buzzjet. As the bait swims, the offcenter cut blade continuously throws water up behind the bait causing boiling commotion. As it turns, it constantly hits the back hook eye producing a high pitched sound.

Try the Buzzjet for yourself and you try to pick out just one benefit the prop adds to its performance.

Commotion, Commotion, and some more Commotion.
Toss the Buzzjet out, hold the rod at about 10 o`clock and watch and listen to the bait work itself back to the boat. What exactly is taking place you ask yourself? The bait is wobbling, rolling, and spitting out water. The bottom line, it`s creating a lot of commotion on the surface and below the bait that MONSTER bass just can`t resist. Go ahead and toss one out!

BUZZJET COLOR CHART - Not all colors are available for the U.S. Market. Contact dealer for availability.




#20 Hitch
#21 RF Blue Gill
#22 Real Pearl Bluegill

#01 lf Bluegill

#02 Matte Chartruese

#03 lf Largemouth

#04 Jet Black

#05 Hot Tiger

#06 Ghost Bass

#07 Bone Crackle

#08 Frog

#09 Red Flash

#10 Blue Back Chart

#11 Red Belly

#12 Walleye

#13 fl Wakasagi

#14 fl Ayu

#15 Glass Cat

#16 Chartruese Back

#17 Flash Gill

#18 Real Blue Gill

#19 Real Largemouth

The Buzzjet catches monster fish. Make sure your equipped with the proper tackle.
Suggested Tackle