The Buzzjet & Buzzjet Jr are now available in a "BONE" Series. They are made from a natural ABS material which is lighter and louder than the traditional Buzzjet Series.
You will notice the difference between the two on a slow speed retrieve. The lighter material will have a quicker response and will want to roll more on its side. The higher pitched noise ("Squeeky") is also easier recognized on a slower retrieve.



This is an unpainted blank of the "BONE" series. All 9 colors are meticulously painted with Japanese craftmanship in Kyoto, Japan.


You can notice that the body and lips of the "BONE" Series are a completely opaque white versus the transparent clear plastic of the traditional series.


The lighter ABS material is more buoyant and has a wider roll and quicker response than the orignial.


The "BONE" Series also features the highest quality printed colors. The belly of these baits is a perfect blend into the natural ABS plastic. Try to find a more realistic pattern.

The "BONE" Series is available in 9 colors. Currently Deps has offerd 4 out of the 9 for 2008 and the balance will be available in the spring/summer of 2009. There several natural colors as well as some "FUN" colors to choose from.


Yes, those are flowers! Cherry Blosssom season is a sacred time in Japan and we thought it would be cool to catch bass with flowers. Any bass caught over 10lbs on this color, receives a free Buzzjet lure. Photos must be sent with lure in bass`s mouth.


How SWEET is this? Look closely in the bass`s mouth. That is a Buzzjet. Those that throw the Buzzjet know this is truly a BIG BASS KILLER.


Be careful of the Black Widow! A little contrast to the Matte Black Buzzjet. This is an excellent early morning and night time bait.


Recommended Tackle
RODSF6'6"-7`6", MED HEAVY, @LINEFMONO 12`16lb