The future of topwater frog fishing will never be the same. The Basirisky Soft Cralwer has always been in a class by itself. At deps, we strive for perfection. We have augmented the Basirisky's distinct characteristics and have continued to improve on its fish catching ability. Never been done before, the deps staff have adapted a revolutionary hard belly plate system to the Basirisky. In doing so the basirisky's hook up ratio is dramatically improved. It was good before... Now its off the charts! Now, no matter what angle the fish strikes from, the top portion of the Basirisky will collapse leaving you the angler a better chance of penetrating the hook into the upper jaw of the fish. The crawling action produced is also a sharper and faster repsonse due to the hard belly. Whether in open water or thick cover, the first turn of the handle the Basirisky is planed up and ready for retrieval. The color line up now features 8 fish appealing colors that feature a new speckled look adding a contrast that bass cannot resist. Experience the difference on your next trip!

No matter what angle the bass attacks the basirisky from, the addition of the hard belly plate allows only the top portion of the bait to collapse ensuring the best hook up ratio possible. The hard bottom also assists the bait in crawling back n forth on the surface.

Besides adding the hard belly, we have fine tuned the body in several spots. We've added a cradle inbetween the two legs for the hook to rest in. This secures the hook so under normal usage the hook point will not penetrate the soft plastic causing damage.
New cradle and mound for hook to rest.

With the assistance of the hard belly the hook up ratio is greatly improved. We noticed that the quicker collapse is perfected with the air escaping the bait faster as well. We have modified the rear by adding two air holes.
New double holes for quicker collapse.   Squeeze water out periodically.

A center balance weight and keeper has been added next to line tie and connecting the hook. This ensures that the body will not turn on itself when hooking. The rear weight positions the Basirisky perfectly in the water at rest and allows for a flawless crawl. The patent pending hard belly plate increases hook ups by enabling the bottom portion of the bait to remain solid while the top half compresses down ensuring a hook point in the fishes upper jaw.

Known for its unique walking action, the Hardbelly Basirisky has a distinct fish calling sound as it gurgles back n forth on the surface. With the hard bottom the new basirisky crawls even smoother than before!

With its rear weight, the Basirisky is bar none the best skipping frog allowing you to get it back under overhangs and docks. Due to the legs facing forward, the basirisky will catch off of cover creating a hopping action much like the real thing.

Recommended Tackle
RodFSidewinder HGC-80XR Domedriver^HGC-76XX Slapshot@Line: Braid 60-80lb
RodFSidewinder HGC-76XX Slapshot^HGC-67XR AutoCross@Line: Braid 60-80lb


#01 - Lime Green
#02 Night Head
#03 Orange Crush
#04 Moss Green Toad

#05 Albino Pepper
#06 Bubble Gum Pepper
#07 Chartreuse Pepper
#08 Froggy Green Pumpkin

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