The Realiser is a lure that defies categorization. It was originally conceived on the shores of Japan's Lake Biwa, where outsized bass feed on abundant bluegills. The Realiser presents a natural prey profile and subtle rolling action with no rattles to alert wary bass that it may be artificial.

It can be fished super fast to locate bass quickly or dead slow to entice wary fish. The one of a kind round tapered lip, combined with a slender profile, allow the bait to dive up to 5 feet. When paused it will slowly rise above a weedline toward the surface to mimic a feeding preyfish, so killing the retrieve will often trigger brutal strikes.

The Realiser is made with a holographic base and features a super fine detailed body and a feathered hook. At 4 1/2 inches long and weighing in at a solid 1.5 ounces, it dwarfs the average vibration bait. But then again, you have to realize that average doesn't get the job done any more.

For Fast Retrieve
Just like the real thing
The right buoyancy

Allows the bait to avoid being hung up in weeds and has a low resistance when retrieved. Pushes the bait to dive to depths of 5 feet.

Features a holographic base for flashing appeal. Also, depicts a fine detail of scale patterns and gills for those finicky fish.

The feathers help camouflage the hook and also imitate fins. Provides extra subtle action when the bait is rising or at rest.

A subtle waking action left behind the Realiser grabs the attention of lunker bass.

The profile mimics that of a blue gill featuring a long slender body with a tall upper torso. This causes the bait to have a rolling action throwing off a serious flash appealing to lurking bass.

Deps has put together an assortment of 10 Realiser colors. They range from natural colors to a brighter higher appealing color pattern.

#01Real Blue GillA#04Real Largemouth: These two are bar none the most realistic colors out on the market. When you want to match the hatch, these two are a perfect choice.

Taking a close up view, you can see the meticulous detail that is put into the deps` lures.

#03Lime Back Gill has a blue pearl base with a gill pattern on the sides and the bright orange spot under the lip. The chartruese back brings a sharp contrast to the natural bluegill pattern and is ideal for throwing around weed areas.


Chart Gill Orange Belly fits very much in the brighter high appealing color pattern category. At first glance it appears to look like a Firetiger pattern, but after taking another glance you can see that it has the bluegill pattern. Used for dirtier water or when the fish are calling for something with a little more flash.


The following three colors are perfect for gin clear water conditions. They are constructed with a matte gloss and have a subtle natural attractiveness to them.

Jet Black mysteriously works in all conditions. The solid black body creates a silhouette in the water and is very effective in clear water all the way to muddy water conditions. For all of us who night fish or like to hit the water real early or stay after dark, Jet Black should be your new best friend.

#09Tequila Sunrise has been a favorite of Okumura san for years now. He says its a real producer throughout the fall season. It has a mixture of a purple and green pearl base.


#08Blue Back Shad throws off a serious flashing effect as it is pulled in. The Chrome side reflects downwards and has a distinct contrast against the blue back and orange belly.

#11 Texas Red

#01 Real Bluegill

#02 Hot Chart Gill

#03 Lime Back Gill

#04 Real Largemouth

#05 Gold Carp

#06 Hitch

#07 Silver Shad

#08 Blue Back Shad

#09 Tequila Sunrise

#10 Jet Black

¡Tuning Method

Make small adjustments and then try the lure out again B

ƒSuggested Tackle„

RODFMed Heavy to Heavy, 7' - 7'-6"@LINEFFloro16lb`20lbEMONO 20lb