SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LAKES HEATING UP! SO CAL GUIDE RUSTY BROWN USED THE OPTIMUM 5″ BLT AND 4″ TOP OF THE LINE IN THE AYU PATTERN AT DIAMOND VALLEY LAKE TO LAND THESE HEALTHY BASS. HE ALSO FISHED OUT AT LAKE HAVASU AND USED THE SUNFISH PATTERN IN THE LINE THRUS TO DO REAL WELL. LAKE AMISTAD ON FIRE Swimbaits are working at Amistad now. Get down there and bring your Optimum Swimbaits. Reports are coming in that the other lakes in Texas are kicking out nice fish on the Optimum swimbaits, but the guys don’t want to give it up…. Tough! Former Japanese National Record Holder and Optimum Pro Staffer, Kazuya Shimada, spent the week before Easter at the San Diego Lakes. He was trophy hunting for the big girls and came up short. This was the biggest of his trip.