Ambitious Buzz

Top water excitement from a fish exploding on a buzzbait and the trademarked knobbed Optimum swimbait tail are captured in this new style lure. Twin blades rotate in opposite directions enabling it to get on plane quicker, true tracking, and deep sound penetration drawing fish from near and far. To bring back the fun to your outdoor adventure we proudly offer the Ambitious Buzz in several length wires and swimbait combinations. Good Luck & Have Fun!!



  • Twin Blades- enables the bait to get on plane quickly
  • Extremely loud clanking sound- Twin Blades banging against each other
  • 3/4oz plus swimbait trailers – cast for distance, with vibrating tail
  • Left and right blades- blades turn in opposite directions so bait runs straight
  • Baits available in 6” wire with 4” swimbait, 4” wire with 6” swimbait and now a 4” wire with 3” swimbait.
  • Blade colors include: Silver, Gold, Red