Crashing Thunder – Available in 2 sizes
Length: 3” / Length: 4”
Overall Weight: 5/8oz Weight: 1oz
Depth Range: Top to Bottom
Action Type: Flash & Vibration
Color Ring: 8 standard colors

We’ve Added Flash & Noise to help produce more Lunkers!


The “Crashing Thunder” is the first of its kind combining a swimbait’s kicking tail action and the pulsating vibration from a spinnerbaits blade. It was designed so it can be fished from bottom to top, fast to slow, in tight cover and in open water. It’s perfect for slow rolling off the shore and back out to deeper water or yo-yoing it up and down for suspended bass. We have found that for best results, you should always vary the retrieve speeds until you find one that best suits the mood of the fish for the current conditions.

Now the Crashing Thunder is available in both a tandem willow and double willow in both gold and silver plated blade combinations. The wire is now also designed so the baits are interchangeable to match the conditions. The product line up now includes the AA`s curly tail grubs and Tails of Optimum as trailer options.


Suggested Line: 3” : 12-16lb 4” CT: 16-20lb
Suggested Rod – Med – Med Heavy
Best Method – Slow rolling off of the bottom or “fan casting” with medium retrieve in areas where bait is present.3ctgtw124hp3