Furbit the Frog

In a watery world of look-alike hollow rubber frogs, “Furbit the Frog” is a refreshingly individual amphibian. Many other hollow rubber frogs you see out there today look a lot like each other, and perhaps Furbit does too…. until you get to its legs! Its two legs are soft supple strips of rabbit fur. Furbit’s legs ripple and flutter in a manner that synthetic rubber or plastic legs never will.  

The rabbit fur legs give Furbit a natural, breathing action.

The long soft thin rabbit fur legs flutter and shudder, wriggling in an S-like movement of the two tails. When you move Furbit in short stops and starts, the many individual hair fibers puff out separately and then pull in tight again, like a breathing action. Nothing artificial even comes close. 

A molded-in belly weight with a ball bearing swivel and Colorado spinner blade for flash and vibration.

Furbit has a molded-in belly weight and weighs 5/8 ounce. As if its rabbit fur legs weren’t unique enough, Furbit also comes with a ball bearing swivel and Colorado spinner blade attached beneath it. The Colorado blade adds flash, vibration and best of all, the small blade causes Furbit the Frog’s entire body to tremble uncontrollably due to the blade’s vibration.  

Furbit sits high on the water. When you twitch it, Furbit has a nervous, nose-twitching action that is most lifelike. Even when paused, any slight ripple or chop on the water causes Furbit to bob back and forth. That causes the spinner blade to flash and wobble which is a natural attraction. You’ll attract a lot of panfish that like to take pecks at the spinner blade and at the legs. Not only do you have Furbit as the main course for a hungry bass, but the dangling, flashing spinner blade helps gather panfish schools around the frog. 

Furbit offers a unique look and action for your frog fishing.

Do you see small panfish swirls underneath or around your frog? Do you see the bait tick or shift sideways from panfish tugging at it? All this is good! It means a big bass may be under your bait, under the panfish, tensed up and ready to pounce when next you move Furbit. Just twitch it slightly – and expect an explosion as Furbit gets plowed by a big bass!  

Poppin’ Furbit  

The Optimum Poppin’ Furbit is a weedless popper that can be thrown into the densest cover and thickest grass where it will remain snagless. With any other popper, you’ll be sorry if you even come close to a blade of grass or a twig. That’s because most popping lures have exposed treble hooks and they catch instantly on any little thing. That’s no fun. Most poppers cannot be thrown in or around heavy cover or grass.  

The Poppin’ Furbit goes where most poppers can’t be fished.

But not the Poppin’ Furbit! It’s designed to get into the nastiest snags and thickest slop possible and to pop its way out of there… if it can make it back before a hungry bass hammers it!  

Weighing 5/8 oz, the aerodynamic Poppin’ Furbit casts like a dream, splats down loudly and thanks to the belly weight molded onto the hook shank, it never lands upside down. It’s balanced to float high on the surface. It sits practically level with its big bowl-shaped mouth always poised to scoop up and splatter a ton of water in an attention-getting explosion. 

Snagless, yes, but the new Poppin’ Furbit is heavily armed with an Owner super sharp 6/0 double hook. A bulge molded in the body shape protects the hook from snags, but the hollow body collapses easily out of the way when a big bass chomps down on the Poppin’ Furbit. 

The Poppin’ Furbit is perfect right out of the package. Just add water.

Poppers are not only exciting for an angler to use, but the noise and commotion of a popper can be highly excitable to bass as well! 

An angler can use the splashing sound of the Poppin’ Furbit to excite and call bass in, much like a hunter can use a turkey call or scrape old antlers together to make sounds that excite and call in birds or bucks. 

In thick cover with limited visibility, the Poppin’ Furbit sends out the right signals. The sound and splash of the Poppin’ Furbit brings fish up from their hidden lairs deep in the grass and dense cover, and when they see the whipping action of the rabbit fur tail, they bite. 

How this works is simple. You pop the Furbit to make an attractive sound. The dished face sprays water out to the sides. The Poppin’ Furbit moves forward into the sprayed area, which helps obscure it from view. The Furbit also pushes a wake off its sides as it moves forward, further obscuring it. Then there’s the pause after the splash. Perhaps only for a split-second, but sometimes longer. In the pause as the commotion settles down, that slinky rabbit hair tail works its magic, fluttering and twisting, hairs pulsing open and closed, and practically breathing.  Any bass that had been called over by the splash now sees that rippling rabbit hair tail coiling and uncoiling, and blasts it! 

As if that wasn’t enough, the Poppin’ Furbit comes with a ball bearing swivel and spinner blade to add flash, vibration and action. These are all good things to have in a bass lure. Whether it’s the loud splash of the Poppin’ Furbit or the rippling, breathing action of the trailing rabbit fur tail or the flash and wobble of the attached blade, the Poppin’ Furbit is perfect right out of the package. Just add water… and pop loudly in the densest cover or thickest grass where the big ones lounge.

Winner of New Product Showcase – Best Soft Lure 2006


“Furbit the Frog” & “Poppin’ Furbit”

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#04 SUNSHINE BLUSH #16 Melon Juice #14 Green Pumpkin #15 Goldy Locks #13 BUTTERY TOAD #12 SWAMP FROG #11 SHAD #10 BULL FROG #09 BLUEGILL #08 YELLOW HD BLK BIRD #07 SUNSHINE BURST #06 BLACK GHOST #05 Cranberry Marble #03 Tree Frog #02 Midnight #01 Natural Frog #0 White Ice