Tails Of Optimum

  • Length: 2.5″,3″,3.5″,4″,5″,6″,8″
  • Depth Range: Mid range-Bottom
  • Action Type: Tight Rolling
  • Hook: Use with Sakana Jighead or favorite Jighead
  • Color Ring: 25 standard colors


The Tails of Optimum are used with external jigheads and are very effective when you need a lure that covers an extremely broad speed range. The key is to find what mood the fish are in and experiment with different weighted heads. These swimbaits have thinner bodies which, when rigged correctly, are speed-burners that can produce a super-fast cadence yet still retain the capability for a very slow presentation. These tails feature high detail and are fully decked out with gills and dorsal fins.

The tails of Optimum are perfect for both freshwater and saltwater species.