An unparalleled lifelike body. Since its debut, the “Death Adder” series has built a new era of soft baits proven to catch big bass.

The body shape moves through the water with a realistic, tight vibration created by the narrow tail. It creates a perfect look for a baitfish eating bass.

The versatility of “Death Adder”, allows it to be fished on jighead rigs, Texas rigs, but also in wacky rigs, drop-shot rigs, and as a trailer.

  • 8inch (4 pack) Recommended offset hook: # 5/0 to # 7/0
  • 6inch (6 / pack) Recommended offset hook: # 3/0 to # 5/0
  • 5inch (8 / pack) Recommended offset hook: # 1/0 to # 3/0
  • 4inch (8 / pack) Recommended offset hook: # 1 to # 1/0
  • 3inch (10 / pack) Recommended offset hook: # 1 to # 2


The silhouette, which features a wide body with and a sharply narrowed tail, is suitable for a wide range of rigs. In addition, the ultra-soft material with a high salt content provides excellent castability and natural falling action that can be achieved even without an added weight.

* 3 inch contains crawfish scent that stimulates fish with taste and smell. It is very effective not only for bass but also for saltwater targets.

  • Horizontal fall with no sinker on an offset hook. It slowly falls and darts when moving against the water. When fished on the bottom with a jighead or on a jig, it slowly pushes water.
  • Vertical¬†setting with no weight and an offset hook allows for a wobbling action as it falls. When fished on a jighead, on a jig or as a trailer, it perfectly looks like a swimming baitfish.


The deep groove enhances the hookup rate and keeps it weedless.