When the anglers fishing the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour REDCREST arrive at Lake Palestine in Texas, many of them will be seeing the lake for the first time. It is a relative unknown to most anglers in the field but should produce some giant fish. Fred Roumbanis will be fishing the event and he’s excited to get back there after a quick pre-practice scouting mission.

“I spent most of my time idling around and checking it out, but for the short time I did fish, I know it has some big ones in there,” he says. “I was there for a day and a half and barely fished but caught a seven-pounder. Most of the time, I was mainly seeing where I could run, which wasn’t many places.”

The lake is filled with stumps and underwater obstacles and that has Roumbanis a little cautious, but he knows each of them will be a potential hiding spot for a big Texas bass. Read Full Article on WesternBass.com