Fred Roumbanis

Fred is known for throwing swimbaits and that is why he has come to Optimum to be his swimbait sponsor. “Where should I start? I grew up in Northern California throwing the Original Optimum off of the shore catching monster bass. I learned all about swimbait fishing with Optimum Swimbaits. When the opportunity came I jumped all over it. Now with the Baby Line Thru, I’m really dialed in.”
– Fred Roumbanis



Bill Lowen

Bill joined the Optimum staff in 2009 but has thrown our products throughout his pro career. He enjoys the versatily of the product line up and knows the baits will help him win throughout his season. “Recently I’ve got to play around with a variety of their baits and really am impressed. The Furbit Series is really original and that hair just drives the bass nuts. Swimbaits are playing a bigger role in tournaments these days and I am glad I have the Optimums tied on now.”
– Bill Lowen



 Michael Murphy

Michael has been with Optimum Baits for three years and really likes the smaller offering. The 3″ Titan, 3″ Double Diamond, and the 3″ Baby Line Thru can always be found tied on to one of his rods. “I like the softness of their plastic and the action from their swimbaits. Plus all the different colors they offer you can really find one that matches the baitfish in the lakes across the country.”
– Michael Murphy



Mark Tyler

Mark Tyler has been using Optimum Swimbaits since their origin. Now he is a huge fan of the Baby Line Thru. “Fishing all over the country, I see a lot of different conditions that require a good product mix. Optimum offers such a wide variety that I have confidence that I will get a good bag every time out there.”- Mark Tyler