Separ 9

At 9” long, the Separ 9 offers the Monster Fish Hunter the upper hand with its uniquely designed body profile and features. Japanese Angler, Satan Shimada, developed the Separ off of the body design of his Balam 300 hard bait. The back portion of the body features 4 jointed sections allowing for an extremely natural swimming action. It is designed to be fished with a 10/0 wide gap offset hook, with or without weight on the shank. Inserting a 1/16-1/4oz nail sinker in the front portion of the head is recommended when using a non-weighted hook.

Shimada wanted to develop a lure that offered a subtle natural swimming action but could be fished tight to structure. Whether its grass, rock, submerged trees or any other type of cover he wanted to target monster bass where his Balam couldn’t be placed. With lots of testing on the water, he discovered a way to improve his hook up ratio with such a large volume weedless bait. Shimada and the designers at Madness hollowed out the inner slots by making them ribbed. This does two things. First, it allows the hook to slide through the body of the bait easier when setting the hook because it is rubbing against less surface area. Secondly, the air inside the ribs creates for a natural soft sound when the bait lands.

Shimada prefers to keep his hook exposed slightly instead of burying the point back in the top of the bait. In order to get the best hook up ratio and still stay weedless, he built up the top dorsal fin to cover the sides of the hook keeping the hook from getting snagged up with weeds and the like.

The Separ 9 excels when fished with a slow to medium retrieve. Shimada says he gets bit the most when he traces the bottom or stays in contact with the structure. It can also be fished by pegging a slip sinker in front and fishing it Texas Styles as well as using it as a trailer on a souped up Chatter Bait!

Size: 9 Inches
Weight: 53g (1.9oz)
2 Per Pack
MSRP $30



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