new SLIDESWIMMER 250 / new slide swimmer 250

“New slide swimmer 250” is Magnum size big bait which was developed only to capture huge fish to the last.
The real wave of the soft shell and ABS hollow core real body wave and the tremendous fish collection power of 250 mm large mass body will enable you to target different record classes living in the waters, different dimension monster hunting .
“New slide swimmer 250” responds aggressively to the operation of the rod with the regulation in addition to the real action meandering with the null null in the middle range, triggering the reaction byte.
Even the 70 cm UP is not a dream or phantom, and the new standard Big Bait that brought about a demand that can be said to be extreme of hunters who follow it.
Boasting the size and weight of the deed who chooses the user, “new Slide Swimmer 250” should be the only one that can obtain a definite answer in harsh giant fish hunting that only follows record class size.

■ BODY FORM – A massive 250mm body that creates powerful, life-like waves.
Its impact is tremendous, even under circumstances where regular chaos big baits and other lures do not even chase, it demonstrates an amazing fishing power to chase like a big bus gushes.

hollow core body which shows sharp and dirty dart action than ABS CORE BODY makes clear color setting and installation of spring weight micro vibration system possible.
Weight is installed outside the front core body, you can easily do weight tune if you remove the soft shell.
spring weight system mounted on the head section induces a bite with a knocking sound that tries to hit the inner wall when a slight vibration with life sense jerks by weight being shaken.
· bumper fin which imitates fillet while reducing hook entanglement to body and line.
It is a great advantage in the big bait game where Miscast becomes the death, suppressing troubles during casting and watering and keeping casting without stress. In addition, by controlling hook movements during retrieval, it also brings about an effect of increasing the hooking rate.
ABS The insert plate built into the core body is a model that appeals in a dull refreshing glittering light through the shell.
The spring weight system is not mounted yet, but the front body is equipped with Φ 10 mm steel rattle balls.
Hooke # 1/0 boasts outstanding penetrating power with extremely smooth surface treatment, as fighting with the monster class becomes inevitable. Also the tin (tin) coat finish close to the protective color like the abdomen of baitfish camouflages the existence of hook.
If you change to a selective bus that hates the existence of hooks with a feather hook (# 1/0), you not only deceive monsters with strong alertness in old age, but also feathers are sucked into swaying by water flow and frustrating bite It increases the hookup rate.
damper effect that the overhanging soft shell overhangs over the front body / core suppresses unnatural noise caused by collision of the joints, creating a smooth and lively action. ■ WATER THROUGH DUCT The duct provided between the core body and the soft shell takes in the water flow inside the body at the time of retrieving and discharges at the joint. Soft shell with a slight deflection creates a unique sense of life.
Straight Retrieve Show The real meandering action of swimming  reproduces the baitfish that is unprotected in reality.
As a large baitfish capable of ingesting a large amount of energy at the same time, as an intruder to the territory, it simultaneously stimulates the eating habits and aggression of the big bus, triggering a bite.
In addition, the range correspondence ability unique to the sinking model covers from just under the water surface to 3.0 m due to the holding angle of the rod and the retrieving speed. It enables wide range capture.

Response responding promptly to the operation of rods such as twitchand jerk, the bitefish that invaded the defenselessly into the territory noticed the existence of the bus, intersects the irregular behavior and intersects chaos, chase Enable production that gives ‘Between’ meals to the big buses to do.
We are proud of the unique ability of the lipless model to induce bytes by making use of rod action at the scene here.

Color variations

# 01 Flash Carp # 02 Hot Tiger # 03 Chart Oikawa
# 01 Flash Carp # 02 Hot Tiger # 03 Chart Oikawa
# 04 Ghost Ayu # 05 Metal Ayu # 06 Ghost Ketabas
# 04 Ghost Ayu # 05 Metal Ayu # 06 Ghost Ketabas
# 07 Deadly Quettabus # 08 Metal digit # 09 Cotton Candy
# 07 Deadly Quettabus # 08 Metal digit # 09 Cotton Candy
# 10 blue back silver # 11 Clear sticker # 12 Rainbow trout
# 10 blue back silver # 11 Clear sticker # 12 Rainbow trout
# 13 Wild Carp # 14 Mallet # 15 Nude Black
# 13 Wild Carp # 14 Mallet # 15 Nude Black
# 16 Large mouse # 17 Small mouse # 18 glitter carp
# 16 Large mouse # 17 Small mouse # 18 glitter carp
# 19 Xray # 20 Deadly Scale # 21 Wild Scale
# 19 Xray # 20 Deadly Scale # 21 Wild Scale

# Sexy dazzler # Blue back dazzler Horizon dazurler
# Sexy dazzler / shimmy fall model # Blue back dazzler / shimmy fall model # Horizon dazurler / shimmy fall model
# 96 Avalon Purple # 97 Avalon pink # 98 Reservoir Shad
# 96 Avalon Purple
Insert Plate / Slow Thinking Model
# 97 Avalon Pink
Insert Plate / Slow Thinking Model
# 98 Reservoir Shad / Slow Thinking Model
# 99 Night Scale
# 99 Night Scale / Slow Thinking Model


– Please keep it so that it does not hang in the case.
· Since it may cause deformation, discoloration, dissolution, etc., please do not store with other hard lure, soft lure.
· After use, please keep it after drying.
· Please avoid storing in high temperature place.
· Set drain hole for draining in the tail portion. After use, please pull out the water accumulated inside, please keep it.