Buzzjet – New Color – REAL SHAD

TEMECULA, California –
Still voted as Japan’s # 1 Wakebait by Japanese Lure Magazine, deps will be offering 4 new USA exclusive colors in the Buzzjet & Buzzjet Jr. Since its introduction in 2006, “the U.S. anglers have fell in love with the Buzzjet’s ability to attract fish from far distances” says Optimum CEO Matt Paino. Dealers have been urging for more shad patterns to compliment the U.S. waters and deps answered by adding their own twist to American Shad, Ghost Minnow, Chartreuse Sexy Shad, & Real Shad.  These natural patterns have already been tested briefly and are producing kicker fish for our guides and prostaff. Paino says, “to find out just how many anglers love this bait, go ahead and do a search on You-Tube and you’ll see how many home videos there are of people wacken em on the Buzzjet. It’s awesome.”

New items from Deps for fall of 2010 will be the F-Sonic and the Korrigan Shallow runner crankbait. As its name indicates, the F-Sonic, booms as it is ripped through the water column. At first glance, this lipless vibration style bait looks like it has facial characteristics of a platypus. But this is no Australian mammal. Deps’ idea was to develop a lipless vibration that comes through grass easier and can be fished at greater depths. The bait reaches 4 inches in length and weighs 1 oz. As it falls it will glide away graciously away from the angler. Because of the long history of vibration style baits in the U.S. Deps’ lure designers said that they are anxious to hear reports from U.S. anglers.

Optimum Bait Co will also be releasing the Korrigan which is a shallow runner designed to run from 1-3 feet. “What distinguishes this shallow crank is its wide shovel looking lip”, said Paino. “I had a chance to throw one of the first samples and was very impressed with the way it ricocheted off of thick cover.” Although deps is not known for producing small baits, this deps shallow crank is no different in that it is Japanese made with all the top components and craftsmanship.