The Fred Roumbanis Weedless Boom Boom Swimbait features a quivering head action, tight body roll and thumping tail kick. It is designed to be fished slowly around cover with a weighted screw lock swimbait hook, where its “panic action” entices lurking fish into committing to strike the bait.

Suggested Tackle and Lure Specs:

8″ Papa Boom Version – CHECK IT OUT HERE! 

6″ Version

  • Heavy Cover Line: 50 lb-70 lb Braid
  • Open Water Line: 20 lb Fluorocarbon
  • Rod: 7’ -7’11″ Heavy Action
  • Reel: 6.5:1 Gear ratio
  • Weight: 1.4 oz
  • Length: 6”
  • Hook: Rig with 8/0 screw lock weighted Swimbait hook (manufacturers vary)

4.5″ Baby Boom Boom

    • Heavy Cover Line: 30 lb-60 lb Braid
    • Open Water Line: 12-15 lb Flourocarbon
    • Rod: 7’ – 7’11″ Med Action
    • Reel: 6.5:1 Gear ratio
    • Hook: Rig with wide gap screw lock weighted
    • Swimbait hook 6/0 or larger (Manufacturers vary)
    • Weight: .6 oz  Length: 4.5”

    Fred with a Weedless Boom Boom fish.

  • The 6″ Weedless Boom Boom and the Baby Boom Boom



    CEO Matt Paino on the night bite!


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