The Balisong Minnow is a technical jerkbait equipped with several functions that separate it from conventional jerkbaits.

The baitw as designed for a balanced movement during low and medium retrieves. It will roll, almost falling sideways, but still meander during a steady retrieve. It has a flutter and flash almost like the blade of a spinnerbait.

When fishing it quickly, the variable weight system helps to move the bait. With a fast movement it will move up, down, left, and right to trigger bites. The unique action of this bait opens it up for success in many situations.

  • LENGTH: 130mm
  • WEIGHT: 3 / 4oz
  • LENGTH: 100mm
  • WEIGHT: 1 / 2oz


The 100m size is now equipped with moving weight.


■ The rolling action of the bait makes it a great tool at fast speeds to search for bass.

The rolling occurs during the retrieve and gives it a great flash because of the flat sides. This helps to attract fish from long distances, It also has a “horizontal posture” similar to baitfish swimming. 


■ It is easy to work and continuous twitches give it a great action.

The sharp action gives it a violent twitching movement and triggers bass to bite. The movement is unpredictable and in all directions to attract fish, It is equally effective in cold and warm water temperatures.


■ Similar to Buzz Jet and Rad Scale, the balancer system “squeals” when moving.

The variable balancer system enables irregular darting in all directions (up, down, left and right) with a variable center of gravity. When pausing, the weight helps the bait to move backwards with a slight lift of the head.

Adding some small rod movements can get the bait to move up and down with a “Jyoro” movement that other baits cannot do.

If you feel that bass are keying on the surface, stop the retrieve and let the bait rise to the surface like a dying baitfish.


■ The floating version of the Balisong Minnow has a unique ascending action when using the 2WAY method.

When pausing the bait, it will create a bumpy sound called “Joro” as it quickly ascends to the surface of the water. The surface is a wall for baitfish and they have no escape and bass know this. The unique shifting action as it rises is not found in other floating lures.

HOOK SETTING (SIZE # 4 130 [F] / 100 [F])

The V-shaped berry that fits perfectly on the hook sand lets it rest smoothly while the bait is moving. Even though they are thick oversized hooks, they will not tangle even when fishing slowly with heavy line.


The suspended model is printed with an (SP) on the back, and the floating model is printed with an (F) on the belly.


The Ballisong Minnow is shipped after being tested, but we recommend to check the tuning for best performance. If it is swimming to the left, move the eye to the right, and when swimming to the right, move the eye to the left. Use pliers and bend it slightly to adjust.