Tons of action packed in a compact body, Barbute gets selective bass to bite.

At first glance, the design is simple, but the body has reverse tapered ribs that grab water, a tail that also moves water even with small rod movements, and a center tail that sways and vibrates. It works great with several different rigs and as a trailer.

A compact body that can be used for flipping and as a trailer for swim jigs.

While eliminating unnecessary appendages that can grab cover, the ribs on the body grab water and make the bait more streamlined. The plastic is a 10% salt, ultra-soft material with high tensile strength. This material holds hooks very well and the salt and scent make it a perfect crawfish imitator.

The flat tail extending from the body grabs water even with small movements and stirs the water like a twin-engine propeller. This gives it great action at both slow and fast retrieves. The curved tip of the tail also plays a role in catching water.


The oval-shaped center tail vibrates in small steps due to the water flow. It generates a kickback action when it hits the bottom or piece of cover and adds to the appeal of the bait.

A hook hole and slot allows for perfect rigging. It will remain straight and sitss perfectly when rigged solo or on the back of a jig. A rattle can be also attached to the tip of the center tail.


The bait is a perfect match for the RR Rubber Jig and works great for catching fish that are positioned along vertical structure The bait and jig will fall slowly with a tight vibration as the tail kicks. The combo also excels when fished along the bottom.

* We recommend the wire guard model so that the hook points will not be damaged by snags.



In the DVD “Big Bass Strategy 2 ” (released in 
February 2014 ), Masayuki Matsushita explains the bail while fishing. In PESCA MANIA Vol.09 “NEW Standard Fallbait” Barbuta “Destructive Power / Masayuki Matsushita” explains how to use RR rubber jig and headlock jig properly with fishing Lake Biwa and rivers in Oita. 

The posted image may look slightly different from the actual product depending on the shooting environment and the PC / mobile phone carrier viewed by the customer. 

Even if the recommended hooks are the same size, the hook dimensions differ depending on the hook manufacturer, so select according to the worm size and shape.