The Double Diamonds Swimmers were introduced several years ago and have grown to be the bait of choice for many anglers. They excel as a trailer for swim jigs, chatter baits, spinnerbaits, as shad tails on the A-rig, or used by themselves with an offset hook.

Their unorthodox body profile allows for its three distinct actions: A Zig Zag, Body Roll & a thumping Tail Kick.

For those that think the 5″ Double Diamond is just too much plastic at times and that the 3″DD doesn’t provide a big enough profile, we have designed an in-between size in length and body size. Measuring exactly 4″ long, this new size compliments the series and fills the gap. 

4incher side 4incher_top
The 4″ DD will be available in stores by the end of July!

It will be offered in a 3ct clamshell or a bulk bag of 10 pieces.

3DD_side4incher side5DDtop
The Double Diamond Core features the 3DD at 3.5″, the 4DD at 4″ and the 5DD at 4.75″

Feedback allows us to make improvements. The Double Diamond Series was originally designed so the body was diamond both diamond shaped and offset. The tip of the nose was elongated so certain offset hooks could be rigged without shortening the length of the bait. However to rig the diamonds as a trailer, the bait was shortened so there was more plastic to put the jig through. Going forward we have decided to redesign the head shape so that the head is rounded from the start so it is simpler to rig either with an offset hook or as a trailer.

 NewHead Nose_Rigged OB_Tail
An inline model change, we’ve modified the head shape for easier rigging and also dropped the tail size by 5% and added the Optimum Logo!
Swimjig Offset_zappu rig Underspin

The Double Diamond is a very versatile shad tail that offers an action like no other on the market! Give em a try!