Staying true to the Evoke Series, the Evoke Zero features a body profile designed after the shallow crankbait.  But as its name indicates, the Zero is a topwater single prop plug that flat out causes a raucous and disturbance on the surface. Designed by Elite Angler, Kenta Kimura, he set out to produce the loudest prop bait that was made out of stronger material that would endure intense usage.  They spent extra detail on the sound the prop emits and the construction of how the prop is assembled in the tail portion of the plug. The Zero will be offered in two sizes, a 120mm and 150mm in 9 fish catching color patterns. 

The Evoke body is now equipped with a durable aluminum single prop. It has a baitfish silhouette and an explosive noisy sound. Evoke Zero creates a squeaky clapping sound from the single prop as it works on the surface. It attracts bass from long distances and works great as a search bait to cover vast amounts of water. It’s a noisy bait that appeals to big bass.

  • EVOKE ZERO 150
  • LENGTH: 150mm
  • WEIGHT: 53.5g
  • EVOKE ZERO 120
  • LENGTH: 120mm
  • WEIGHT: 29.5g

Durable Aluminum (Duralumin) Single prop

The rotational movement of the high-strength duralumin single prop creates an unbalanced and erratic action that shakes the body and creates a powerful sound. In addition, the Evoke Zero creates a strong vibration and wave on the surface.

*The duralumin single props and aluminum collars will eventually wear over time. The prop set will be released soon and allow yu to replace it for peak performance.

Line Eye

A swivel is built into the line eye in the upper part of the body to work in synchronization with the props. This helps during the cast and also reduces grass from catching on the bait and reducing line twist. It also helps when a bass is thrashing during the fight and helps to increase landing percentage.


The fat body of the Evoke has a great profile and excellent buoyancy. It has a low center of gravity that runs true, even with the rotational force of the props.

* Large is Evoque 4.0, small is Evoque 3.0 body size


The front hook on both baits is a RYUGI pierced quad, with four hook points for a better hookup percentage. The hook is also on a swivel for even better hookups and landing ratio. The rear hook is a super sharp treble.

150: F / 2/0 RYUGI quad hook, R / RYUGI 1/0 treble, SPLIT RING: # 4
120: F / #1 YUGI quad hook, R / RYUGI #2 treble, SPLIT RING: # 3