We gave you a tease at icast, but they have finally arrived. The Bullshooter 160 Floating Model is now in stock!

Weighing in at 3.50z, this 160mm floating glide bait is another must-have gill imitation swimbait from deps Japan. Those who have had the pleasure of throwing the previous sinking models know just how incredible the Bullshooter’s drawing power is.

Now, with a new presentation and added rattle, the floating Bullshooter will allow you to swim and pause this bait over submerged cover with ease.

The colors listed below are now in stock.








The first release Butch Brown “Bluegill” Color DEPS Slide Swimmers 175 and 250 have arrived from Japan.  They will be in stores the week of November 20th. The Floating Slide Swimmer and Sinking Silent Killers will be released in the spring of 2017.

This is the paint scheme seen in the famous photo of Butch Brown and this monster 5 fish limit.  Butch’s “MY WAY” color pattern is finally available in the USA and only in the USA.




The Doctor approves!