The Baby Kahara Frog fills the need for a miniature sized frog, and at the same time this realistic looking and feeling amphibian is quite impactful in the water.

It features a stainless rattle within the body for a extra wake up call, and the body form allows the bait to slide flawlessly through the thickest of weeds.

The rear weight is made out of an environmentally safe zinc plate enabling long distance casting and also prevents the bait from landing upside down.

Dog walking is extremly easy with this mini frog and the super soft silicon skirt provides for extra appeal at rest.

There is a 0.8mm connecting eye in the rear for the anglers that like to add blade modifications.

The Baby Kahara Frog makes for an easy meal at 1/4oz in weight and 1.75 inches long.It features a #3 size hook.