A spin tail that can be fished like a blade bite. The KRO Spin Tail attracts bites by the flashing of the spinner blade that rotates freely and the treble hook attached to the wire gets short striking bass attacking the blade. The circuit board body allows it to swim in a stable motion but allows it to be fished with a lift and fall like a blade bait with great vibration. It is a must for both summer and winter fishing.

  • SIZE: 3 / 8oz (44mm body)


A thin 0.8mm circuit board is the body of the bait and gives the bait a stable swimming action. I also allows for stable casts as it balances in the air to get more distance.


The shield-shaped blade was built specifically for the bait and gives it outstanding rise and movement with even the slowest speeds. The high-speed bearing swivel allows the blade to keep up, even at fast speeds.

In addition, the blade is secured by a tube to reduce tangles and foul-hooking. This also protects the swivel and ensures it will last longer.


The rear wire keeps the hook in the the perfect postion to hook fish, while keeping it away from the spinning blade. Both front and back hooks are a #12.


The bait excels at covering large areas such as big flats or places where fish are actively chasing baitfish. It can be effective swimming through clear lakes or fished in deep water with a lift and fall. At all speeds, the blade works to attract fish to the bait.


Blade set for KRO spin tail

Gold, Silver, Black
4 / pack