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Over the last number of years, swimbaits have become a staple in any successful angler’s tackle box.  Versatility combined with effectiveness has fast made swimbaits one of the most popular types of bait on the market today.  The Opti Shad is a new swimbait to come out from Optimum Baits for the 2013 season.  In designing this bait, the folks at Optimum joined forces with Lucky Craft to create the revolutionary, finesse swimbait known as the Opti Shad.  It is available in two sizes, a 2 and 4 inch model, as well as 10 different color options designed to suit any circumstance one may find on the water.



The number of different swimbaits on the market today is staggering, but the new Opti Shad takes out the guess work by providing a swimbait which can be used in all situations, enabled by a number of unique features.

  • Versatile Colour Options
    • The outstanding colour options put forth by Optimum Baits allows this swimbait to be used in situations from a natural presentation in gin-clear water to reaction strikes in dirty or tea-stained water.  Colour paired with unique 3D eyes give this bait an unbeatable appearance.
  • Unique Swimming Action
    • A wide wobble and a tight swimming tail action are two of the most popular swimbait actions. The Opti-Shad combines both of these as the body of the bait rotates almost 90 degrees to each side, while the tail rapidly kicks away imitating a fleeing baitfish
  • Finesse Body Profile
    • The Opti-Shad has a slender, elongated body profile which perfectly imitates that of a small smelt or shiner.  This bait provides the perfect profile for targeting fish under tough conditions.  The slim, long body tapers into an oversized boot shaped tail producing its realistic swimming action.


To get a bait with an appearance as realistic as the Opti Shad, you usually have to sacrifice durability, but that is not the case with this bait.  It is made with a very soft, yet durable plastic which stood up to all the abuse I put it through.  The bait was tested fishing Pike and it was amazing how well it stood up.  Through two full days of fishing, I rarely lost a tail or had the nose tear up to the point where it wouldn’t stay up on the hook.



The number of situations that the new Optimum Opti-Shad can be used is endless.  Not only is  it great rigged on a swimbait hook or a football head, but it will also make a good trailer for a spinnerbait or chatterbait, as well as being deadly on a dropshot, especially in river situations with moving water.  The Optimum Baits Opti-Shad will definitely be a consistent fish producer for the 2013 season.


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For more information on Optimum Baits, check out their website.


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