Silent Killer 250

A magnum-sized bait made for giant bass. The new Silent Killer 250 has a great gliding action. The body is a composite material with a soft shell and ABS hollow core. This gives is a natural appearance and action in a large 250-sized bait.

  • new SILENTKILLER 250
  • LENGTH: 250mm
  • WEIGHT: 5.8oz


The large 250mm body creates powerful, life-like vibrations. This large size attracts big bass that do not want to eat smaller meals.


The ABS hollow-core body allows for crisp and sharp gliding action and allows the bait to feature a microspring weight inside of the bait for added appeal. The weight is added outside of the front core and lets you easily tune the lure and adjust the weight by removing the soft shell.


The spring weight system is mounted on the head and produces micro-vibrations each time the weight is shaken. This helps to trigger bites with a knocking sound that is created when the lure is retrieved.



The troubleless fins imitate fins while also preventing hooks from getting tangled on the body of the bait. This is a big advantage in the big bait game as one wasted cast could be fatal and you may miss an opportunity at a true giant. Also, by controlling the movement of the hook during the retrieve, it increases your hookup percentage.


The hook is a 1/O that has a smooth surface for better hook presentation. This hook was carefully selected because of the size of the bass that bite this lure and the tin color helps to camouflage the hook against the belly of the bait. For added attraction, you can replace the stock hooks with feathered trebles to give it a more natural look, especially in current.


The wide polycarbonate lip is very strong and the coffin shape helps to avoid snags. It will dive like a crankbait and create a powerful vibration thanks to the large 250mm body.


The dampening effect provided by the outer soft shell suppresses unnatural noise from the joints during the retrieve, and creates a smooth and natural action.


The duct between the core body and soft shell captures the water flow inside the body during the retrieve and discharges the water at the joint creating a natural swimming look.


The bait can be retrieved on the surface and create the appearance of a large baitfish struggling on the top of the water. The wide lip avoids snags from floating debris while also pulling fish from cover.


The subsurface retrieve is similar to a crankbait. It can be highly effective in rough water conditions when it is hard to attract fish to the surface.


In addition to the realistic details and the natural flicker of the feathered hook, dead sticking is a way to fool big bass that do not react to other retrieves.


High-temperature caution

Take caution to where you store your baits as they can become deformed or cracked due to the expansion of the air during high temperatures. Keep them out of direct sunlight and in hot places like the inside of vehicles or tackle boxes stored during the warmer months as we are not responsible for damages caused due to storing lures in high temperatures.

Storage Tips:

  • Make it a habit to keep in the original case to protect the bait.
  • Do not store with other hard or soft lures as that may cause deformation and melting.
  • Dry completely after use. The drain hole is located in the tail section and draining all water is recommended between uses.


Please note the colors may appear slightly different in person than they do on your phone or computer.