Slither K

The “Slytherk” is a unique frog that instantly attracts big bass hidden in thick cover. It can be fished with a quick, walk-the-dog action and the bait was designed to increase hookup rates even at fast speeds.

The Slither K is different from ordinary frogs and can attract fish from long distances thank to its unique action on the surface.

  • SlitherK
  • LENGTH: 61mm body
  • WEIGHT: 3 / 8oz


The Slither K has a unique body shape by design. The flat belly part of the bait keeps it from rolling and the side pushes water. This improves the action and makes it easy to work effectively. It also makes it easier to control your cadence as you work the lure on te surface,

In addition, the two air holes allow water to flow out during casts and will help the bait collapse when a bass grabs your bait, helping to increase your hookup rate.


The quick non-stop “walking the dog” creates explosive attacks. This emulates a high-speed escape and bass can’t resist it. The faster retrieve also greatly increases your hookup rate compared to other frogs on the market.


The Rabbit Zonker fur on the tail amplifies the natural movement of the bait. In addition, when casting, the tail that absorbs water sticks to the body, reducing air resistance and creating longer casts.


The deep horizontal floating position intentionally suppresses the side to side movement of the bait and also creates more water push and vibration with each movement.