About Optimum Baits

Optimum Baits was established in 1996, with the purpose of providing the angler with an arsenal of the finest lures to maximize their time out on the water. We now offer over 15 different styles ranging from 2 inches to 16 inches in 50 different colors to make sure there is a lure for every fishing condition. Sean Donavan, the inventor of the original Optimum, developed his bait from the shore lines of Lake Castaic and Casitas where stocked rainbow trout are the meal of choice for lunker bass.  Optimum Baits was the first company to release a swim bait where the jig head is internally built into the bait.  Our R&D team continues to develop new and exciting baits that takes the industry to new levels.

In 2006 the Optimum Furbit the Frog and Poppin` Furbit were chosen as the industries Best New Soft Lure by the American Sportsfishing Association. Our newest addition is the Double Diamond Swimmer. This bait was designed 100% with the use of a CAD machine and features a three dimensional profile and three distinct actions.

Please email us at info@optimumbaits.com for comments and questions.

Mailing Address:
PO BOX 176
Temecula, CA 92593

Telephone: 951-676-6384

Dealer Inquiries

We thank you for your interest in our product lines. To become an authorized Optimum Baits dealer we will need a copy of your
resale license and a completed credit application of file. Please send an email to: info@optimumbaits.com for more information.

Optimum Baits Net Shopping:

All orders placed on our shop ( https://store.optimumbaits.com/home/index/1573.0) are ran through our dealer network that stock our products. The order will be shipped from the closest dealer to the customer placing the order. If no dealer carries all the products ordered, Optimum Bait Co will ship
the product directly.

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