With recent fishing pressure and fish moving towards their summer hideouts, finding the bite at this year’s Bass Fest held at Kentucky Lake proved to be a challenge for the elite anglers.

Optimum pro Fred “BoomBoom” Roumbanis keyed in on a deep ledge fishing technique that allowed him to take home 5th place with a 4 day limit of 87.9lbs.


Fred Flipping a nice one into the boat.

Roumbanis’ technique consisted of intercepting bass on ledges and creek channels while they moved to their deep water summer locations. He paired a hair jig as well as a white vibrating bladed jig with 7″ and 8″ Optimum Victory tails in various shad colors and slow rolled themĀ in 20-25ft for an aggressive bite.

fred 600x400 2

Not a bad sight to see on day 4!

This technique proved to be the ticket to his top 5 finish during day 3 with his 27lb bag. Roumbanis told us that all of his big fish came on the 7″ Victory tail which perfectly mimicked the gizzard shad the bass were feeding on.

Pictured below are the 7″ and 8″ Victory tails in colors #500 Shad, #510 Pearl White, #557 Ghost Shad, and #555 Sexy Shad.



[flagallery gid=37]

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