Now What? Handbook’s INSTANT FISHING KIT makes fi rst fi shing trips a breeze. Just add a rod, a body of water and an eager kid or two, and you’ve got all you need for a great day of family fun. Lures, hooks, a bobber and an informative, cleverly illustrated fi shing handbook make the INSTANT FISHING KIT a must-have for parents and grandparents looking to take their lil’ anglers out for the first time.

If shoppers wish to supplement the colorful frogs, crawdads and assorted plastic worms included in the INSTANT FISHING KIT, there’s a handy checklist on the back of the package with ideas for additional tackle purchases, as well as easily overlooked sundries like disposable cameras and sunblock.

Now What? Handbooks is committed to getting families into the great outdoors at a reasonable price, and the INSTANT FISHING KIT is the perfect addition to their fi ne series of adventure handbooks, We’re Going Camping! Now What?, We’re Going Hiking! Now What? and We’re Going Fishing! Now What?, a slimmed down version of which is included in the kit.

The INSTANT FISHING KIT is fi shing fun in a box, providing an all-in-one, store-to-shore fishing experience. New anglers will love it, and seasoned anglers taking their little guys and gals out for the first time will appreciate the support — and the diversion — of the kid-friendly, whimsically illustrated primer, We’re Going Fishing! Now What? They’ll also appreciate the value pricing; at a manufacturer’s recommend retail price of just $11.98, each of their little anglers can have their own!

Wholesale Sales Contact: Tony Paino, AA Worms; (951) 676-6384

Editorial Contact: Greg Compton; (949) 675-2835

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