This is part one of a two-part series on Zappu terminal tackle and how to use the products.

Zappu is a Japanese brand that has become a leader in terminal tackle. They offer a wide range of products designed to customize the look and actions of your lures. We recently visited with Suzuki San, the General Manager of Zappu and asked him about the products, how best to use them, and what makes them different.

Twin Blade

Just like it sounds, the Twin Blade features two blades connected by a piece of strong rubber material. The blades are counter rotating and create a unique look underneath the surface of the water. This product features several different blade color combinations to match any situation you will find on the water.

There are countless ways to fish the Twin Blade, and one of the most common is to attach it onto the hook shank of your swim jig. It adds some flash and vibration to an already great technique.

Besides jigs, they can also be attached directly on your line and fished above your favorite weedless swimbait. The added flash adds to the baitfish imitation.

Another idea and one that is popular in Japan is to utilize the Twin Blade with the Zappu Sasuteki Sinker. This weight by itself allows for a backward punch rig, and the soft bait falls with the appearance of a fleeing crawfish. Adding the Twin Blade adds even more to your punch setup and adds the element of flash in dark vegetation.

Tuning Blade and Kachinto Tuning Blade

These blades, like all of Zappu’s products, are top quality. They feature a dimpled willow blade and premium swivel and can be attached to a variety of lures.

The Tuning Blade has a split ring on the end that can be attached to a weighted swimbait hook like the Blading Pile Driver or can also be fished as a trailer. Using a small piece of shrink tubing similar to adding a trailer hook, anglers can affix the Tuning Blade to the back of spinnerbaits and buzzbaits to get additional flash.

The Kachinto Tuning Blade is a similar product but features a small clip to attach to the back of a hook like the Blading Pile Driver, or even directly to the eye of any hook.

DN Rubber

First introduced in the United States at ICAST 2012, the DN Rubber fit a need for Neko rig customization. It has the same look as a standard Neko weight, but with the addition of a skirt.

It can be inserted into any soft plastic and can also be attached to Texas-rigged soft plastics. But, when fishing it on a Neko Rig, it has the added appeal from the skirted material. It comes in a variety of weight sizes and colors to match your soft plastics.

Live Screw Keeper

This Zappu product includes a skirt that is a combination of silicon and tinsel wrapped together. The skirt is connected to a screw and small clip which is attached to your hook. The screw is then inserted into your bait to keep it secure, and then the bait is Texas-Rigged.

It comes in several colors and works with any soft plastic you like. The Live Screw Keeper is a simple way to give your favorite a bait a new look.


Punch skirts are mainstays for bass fishing, the SasuSkirt fits this category, but it can also be fished another way. The hand-tied silicon band allows the SasuSkirt to slide directly onto the hook shank. The skirt material on the shank of the hook allows for a unique look and action for any soft plastic bait.

When punching, the SasuSkirt can be rigged directly onto your line and placed between the hook and tungsten weight. The short collared skirt gives your entire presentation a more compact appearance.