This is part two of a two-part series on Zappu terminal tackle and how to use the products.

Zappu is a Japanese brand that has become a leader in terminal tackle. They offer a wide range of products designed to customize the look and actions of your lures. We recently visited with Suzuki San, the General Manager of Zappu and asked him about the products, how best to use them, and what makes them different.

Bone Rattler

Rattles in bass fishing are nothing new, and they are in most hard baits as well as many jigs. The Bone Rattler is a simple rattle that can easily be inserted into any soft-plastic bait to get the added noise to attract more bass.

What makes these different is that they are made from a material that has a lower pitch than aluminum and glass rattles that are commonly used. Different placement within the plastic also changes the sound, and inserting the Bone Rattler into the tail of the bait will be louder than one placed into the midsection of your soft plastics.

The sky is the limit for how you use this product, and they can add sound to any soft plastic bait you plan to fish.

Floating Board

Designed as the opposite of stick on weights to help suspend and sink baits, the Floating Board helps them rise up. There are many uses for this innovative product, and they are effortless to use since the material is already pre-cut. Just stick to a lure and the Floating Board will do the rest.

For floating lures like crankbaits, it helps to float them to the surface quicker. For suspending baits like jerkbaits, it will allow them to slowly rise to the surface. Depending on the placement of the Floating Board, anglers can also adjust how the lure will rise whether it is from the front, back, or center of the lure.

Besides helping to float lures, the Floating Board can also be placed into between the different segments of a jointed lure like glide bait. The result is a more silent presentation as the bait glides back and forth through the water.

Floating Carolina System

This unique system from Zappu is a cross between a Carolina-Rig and a drop-shot, and it helps to keep your soft plastic bait up off of the bottom.

The floating section of the rig acts as the swivel that separates the leader and bait from your weight. The weight is on a dropped leader directly beneath the float. This allows the float to raise your leader line and soft-bait up off of the bottom. This eliminates a common problem with Carolina-rigging where the bait stays right in the past of the dust and commotion from the weight instead of being visible to bass.